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A Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) consists of five digits, having the following structure.

First digit structure is:

  • Pxxxx for powertrain
  • Bxxxx for body
  • Cxxxx for chassis
  • Uxxxx for future systems

Second digit structure is:

  • P0xxx Government required codes
  • P1xxx Manufacturer codes for additional emission system function; not required but reported to the government

Third digit structure is:

  • Px1xx measurement of air and fuel
  • Px2xx measurement of air and fuel
  • Px3xx ignition system
  • Px4xx additional emission control
  • Px5xx speed and idle regulation
  • Px6xx computer and output signals
  • Px7xx transmission
  • Px8xx transmission
  • Px9xx control modules, input and output signals

The fourth and fifth digits designate the individual components and systems.

Full list of OBD-II trouble codes