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It’s taken a while to actually put into words what the mission of Gearhead Wiki is. Is it a repair manual? Is it a Wikipedia for cars? Is it a digital car museum on the internet? Or is it a place for people to collaboratively progress the future of cars?

I think it’s a bit of all of those though.

Archive the past[edit source]

Gearhead Wiki should be the best place anywhere (online or otherwise) to get all information about cars in the past. From repair manuals to brochures to ads to paint codes and parts catalogs. This is one part museum and one part help for those restoring old cars or simply wanting more info on how their car was talked about when it was new.

Present[edit source]

We’ve all had an interaction with car trouble. Whether it’s a breakdown on the road or just routine maintenance. Everyone should have free access to this repair information. Even if you aren’t going to be turning the wrenches yourself, it’s good to be armed with the knowledge of what maintenance or a repair takes in terms of hours, parts needed, or simply the difficulty level to judge if you want to take on a project yourself.

Future[edit source]

Software, self driving cars, and hacking oh my! Gearhead Wiki loves old cars...but we love the up and coming cars with all the tech that's embedded in them. Gearhead Wiki should be the best place to find out how to hack your Tesla, mod your ecu, or to teach you how to get data out of your new ride.