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Welcome to Gearhead Wiki,
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Gearhead Wiki is a place for everything automotive. Think Wikipedia but for cars. Wikipedia doesn't allow a lot of information that would be useful to a gearhead like repair manuals, modification info, car celebrities, etc. that don't meet Wikipedia guidelines.

Jump in, be bold. See something you can improve? Just hit edit and do it. This is a place to dump your gearhead knowledge. The only rule about content is that it has to be gearhead related. That's it!

  Automotive Present
You want information about your car right now? We got it! This is the biggest project on Gearhead Wiki right now. A free repair manual for every car ever made. Check out what is available so far. Do you have car knowledge you can share? Add it yourself and make the knowledge available to other gearheads around the globe.
  Automotive History
The automotive past is slowly fading away but we don't want to lose anything! Do you have old car brochures, owner's manuals, or marketing material collecting dust in your garage? Put it to use by uploading it here.
  Automotive Future
Part of the car world is to always move forward. What does that look like? From automation to electrification, we want it all!
  • Automation
  • Electric Cars
  • Modern car mods