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Gearhead Wiki is a free, publicly editable, resource for all things automotive.

The Gearhead Wiki Story

Gearhead Wiki started one day when I (Mark Wilson) was thinking to myself (while broke and looking for free repair information on the internet), "Repair manuals and forums definitely have a huge part to play in the automotive world and wikis are a great way to combine and condense many peoples' knowledge into a clear, concise, easy to understand form."

There were 3 problems though...

  1. Repair manuals are expensive and you usually only need them for one or two things and then it goes on a shelf or in a box. That's just wasteful!
  2. Forums, on the other hand, are not just great, but vital for stirring up new ideas and consulting others on new problems. However, for finding anything specific or something with less than 100 opinions tied to an answer, you are pretty much out of luck.
  3. A "wiki" style website that combined the information you would get from a repair manual, and the tips, tricks, and modification info you would get from a forum just wasn't out there.

So... the first wiki dedicated to all aspects of being a gearhead was born. I have spent a few months now installing the software, learning the software, and getting the site ready for all of automotive knowledge to be shared with the world.

Gearhead Wiki is:

  • First and foremost, Gearhead Wiki is a community of people working together for the good of everyone.
  • Combining the best of repair manuals, forums, and encyclopedia articles
  • A place to share your automotive knowledge
  • A place to find automotive knowledge
  • Free and will always be free
  • A place for companies to post product info as well as installation and repair manuals
  • The only website of its kind

Gearhead Wiki is not:

  • Trying to replace forums or trying to be a forum at all
  • A place to argue to fight. Sometimes there is more than one way to do something. Sometimes people have a different viewpoint than you. The only thing we ask is to be civil and kind to one another.
  • Like any other wiki on the internet